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Converting Envelopes – What’s That?

Envelope Converting FAQ

In envelope printing, the term for turning a flat sheet of paper into an envelope is called “Converting”.¬†Envelopes can be printed before or after conversion:

  • 1 and 2 color printing is almost always done after conversion.
  • Envelopes printed after conversion will require a 5/16″ margin around the envelope edges with no printing.
  • Full Color envelopes require printing before conversion.
  • Full color envelopes can be digitally printed after conversion
  • Some embossing and foil envelope designs also require printing before conversion
  • Edge to edge printing (bleeds) require printing before conversion.
  • Printing on the inside of the envelope, for example custom security tints, require printing before conversion.
  • Artwork with solid ink areas may need to converted after printing to avoid seam lines.
  • If printed before conversion, a two sided envelope only prints on one side of the flat sheet.
  • While many envelope converters require a minimum run of 5,000 envelopes, our minimum run is only 250.

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