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Does Your Banner Fly High?

Vinyl Banner PrintingAvoid these mistakes when ordering vinyl banners

Banners are large! Banner printing requires a bit more care in preparation. Consider the size of the banner, whether you’re getting grommets and/or pole pockets and the physical location of where the banners will be placed.

Don’t use web graphics. Since You need high resolution images, make sure that your jpg, png or tiff at least 150 dpi at the final image size. Avoid gif or bmp files. They don’t contain enough color information for good results.

Do use vector graphics. Vector graphics can be resized without loss of resolution are the best option for large graphics.

Don’t forget about bleeds. If your artwork extends to the edges of your banner, your artwork needs to extend at least 1/4” past the trim size of the banner. This prevents cutting variations from giving you unexpected results.

Use CMYK color mode. We can convert RGB mode to CMYK “on the fly” but the conversion can change some colors.

Do save your art as a high resolution PDF.

Less is more. Keep it simple. Your banner should convey most of it’s message with just a glance or two.

Keep finishing options in mind. Avoid important art elements inside of hem stitching, pole pocket loops and grommets. Pole pockets require careful attention to the final size of your banner.

Ask your print professional for help before you even get started. We can supply templates and tips for proper artwork setup.

Does your banner need to pass wind? If your banner will be located in a windy area, specify wind slits to prevent damage!

For more information and pricing estimates on banners, please visit our Vinyl Banner Printing web page.